Tuesday, June 30, 2015

First Day of Vacation

Yesterday was our first day of our vacation in Rockport. Raul had a fun and busy day! Lots of playing/building, a walk around a quarry, a trip to the accessible playground, tour of our house that is under construction, and dinner at a restaurant! Sunday night he didn't sleep very well, but last night after our busy day he slept much better! The weather has been perfect so far (other than the storms the day we arrived), it has not been too hot!

When we walked around the quarry he pretended that his stroller was a grating truck (the path is mostly gravel), and he enjoyed meeting a much of dogs and their owners. He really liked one greyhound, and while petting her he said, "Jade, come be my dog" very matter of factly. We also spent a little while flying our giant dog kite out on an ocean overlook at the quarry.

Then we got to go to one of Raul's favorite playgrounds, which he really enjoyed. While on the swings we pretended to be blasting off to space, and sighed and said, "I could do this all day". We also played a game with a ball we found where we would hold it and he would kick it as he swung up. 

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