Saturday, June 6, 2015

Providence Zoo

Today we went to the zoo! Raul brought his power chair, and drove himself most of the time, which was pretty impressive since it was a bit crowded! It is hard to maneuver through the crowds, especially when people are constantly cutting in front of you or stopping in the middle of the path. He brought the giraffe toy he had gotten last time to show the real giraffe that it is named after. With his power chair he can raise himself up to see over most of the enclosures, which is great! He had a list of which animals he wanted to see, so we made sure to get to all those. The ladies in the goat petting zoo area were very kind, and worked hard to get a goat to come over for Raul to pet. 

Then we went to play on the zoo's awesome playground. They have a wheelchair swing, which he loved, and then we went up into the treehouse, did some water painting, and played a little in the area with water sprayers. He wanted to stay in the water area longer, but we hadn't brought the right clothes and didn't want his power chair to get soaked, so we told him we would go back another time! The water definitely felt good, as it was much hotter than the weather channel had predicted! 



  1. Raul looks like he is having so much fun! So happy!
    What a wonderful day.
    Love seeing all your pictures and hearing about all the wonderful things you are doing.
    Much love,

  2. I always love your photos of Raul having fun! <3