Monday, June 22, 2015

Committee Approval!

We heard from Minnesota last Monday that Raul had been approved by the external committee for the trial! It took them a long time to submit his info, but once it was, he was approved in less than two weeks! We were originally looking at taking part in the next protocol, which will begin later this year, but since Raul has been having so many issues they agreed that he could be on the current trial instead. 

The search for a donor has now begun, and thankfully he has many 8/8 matches to choose from! The first step will be to have 4-5 potential donors get another blood test, and then the hospital will choose who is the best match. After that the donor will have to confirm that they are willing to donate, and get a physical. So we are looking at a minimum of two months until going back to MN, and it could be longer depending on the donors availability.

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