Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day +152

Yesterday Raul had a pretty good day. He got fussy during dialysis, but just on and off. In the evening he had a CT scan of his lungs, which was just a regular follow up based on the ones he has had before. It actually looked a bit better, which was good news! He managed to sleep through it, and sleep right through the night! 

Raul had a good morning today, and even sat in my lap on the chair for a while. After that he was tired out and took a good nap. Since his nap he has been a little fussy, but he enjoyed going on a stroller ride for a while. He also had a short period of seeming quite connected and interactive when we were joking around. I was pretending to eat one of his toys and he was smiling, then I put it up to his mouth and he opened it like he was pretending too. 

We did his bandages this evening as well, which went pretty well. Tonight he did have a bit of a freak out at his usual time, but I would say the worst part only lasted about half an hour. Right now he is awake but quieter. I am hoping that once he falls asleep we will have an okay night!


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