Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day +147

Last night was one of our hardest nights. Because of the delirium, Raul was inconsolable for seven hours before going to sleep. He would slow down on and off, and we would think he was asleep, but then he would start right back up. When he is very agitated he breathes very quickly, which was a bit concerning, but once he finally did get to sleep that improved as it had the night before. We did check a new chest x-ray, blood gases, and a nurse stayed in the room through the night just to make sure he was okay. 

Once he went to sleep he slept okay, but was still moaning quite a bit even in his sleep. Morning came quickly, but thankfully during the day he is much less agitated. He got to see some familiar faces, read stories with his teacher, and stretch with PT. We also got him up into a tumbleform chair for several hours, and he seemed more comfortable there than he had in days! He even napped a little.

We met with several doctors today, but I don't have much to report as we just need to wait a bit longer to see how things improve. He likely does have some brain damage from the cardiac arrest, but we do not know to what extent at this time because he also has some withdrawl and the ICU delirium. Based on some of the neurology exams he may have problems with his vision, but he may not as other times he does seem to track with his eyes. Thankfully they did not think he was having seizures. We will do a brain MRI once he is stable enough to be sedated for it.

So far tonight has been much better. At the same time as last night he did start freaking out again, but we were able to calm him fairly quickly and he has only been up a couple times since then. He had a high fever when the agitation started tonight, so we put ice packs on him which seemed to both help his fever and calm him. Watching him go through the delirium is terrible, and I'm sure even more terrible for him, so we are hoping this is the start of that improving!

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  1. Caroline, I am a follower of your blog which I found via Anton's blog. I just wanted to let you know that you and Raul are in my prayers through all of this. It is such a difficult road you are on and I am praying for Raul's recovery and that you may have strength and peace as you help him. God bless you.