Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day +148

Raul had a pretty good day today! Last night he only had the one short freak out, and then slept through the night without even moaning in his sleep. He actually slept through quite a bit of the morning too making up for the night before. And during the times he was awake today he was much more comfortable and content, barely any moaning or agitation. 

Raul had dialysis this morning, and then late this afternoon he was a rockstar and did an unsedated brain MRI! They only had to repeat one or two of the sequences for movement, which was great. We will hopefully get those results tomorrow. We feel that there are certain angles and things that he does see okay. Tonight he has been watching his iPad consistently as long as it is in a certain spot. Assuming he really is watching it, he must be so happy that we have figured this one out! As of now he has yet to have an evening freak out tonight!

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