Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Baseball

Today Raul had another baseball game, and he was much happier about it this week. I think he is getting more used to it, more comfortable with the new people, and of course the blood transfusion a few days ago helped too! He got to bat twice, and hit it himself both times! After the last game I started looking for a bat he could hold himself, and was able to find a foam one that works. It also came with a foam ball that he can throw much further than a regular baseball, and today before the game he played catch with two other little boys. He was a little nervous that he couldn't hit the regular baseball, but he did! Afterwards he got to play on their playground again, and then we stopped at the library on the way home to play with their trains and pick up a few books. He went to sleep shortly after getting home, and is still sleeping over four hours later...


  1. Yay Raul! That's the way to hit that ball!

  2. Wonderful!
    Raul you look so handsome in your baseball uniform.