Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Day of Baseball!

Today was Raul's first day of baseball! He was a bit nervous beforehand, but got more excited when we got there. He had two nice buddies to help push his wheelchair and help him participate. The other players were all older (the team can have from ages 5-18), and he was the only one in a wheelchair, so he was a bit overwhelmed, but he hung in there! He talked to his buddies, got to throw a wiffle ball a few times, and at the end got to hit the ball and go around the bases. After his turn hitting he asked to come sit with me, as he was worn out, but we did rally for one more go around the bases at the end. The only time he really lost it was when they tried to take a group picture at the end; he was having none of that! 
The town where the baseball was had a fair today, so on the way home we stopped for him to see the police cars and firetruck! He even got to sit in the police cars. Then he demanded ice cream, which of course he didn't eat, and quickly pet a giant rabbit before we headed home. He is excited about the activity books that the firemen and policemen were handing out. Even though he was overwhelmed, he says he had fun at baseball, and does not want to take off his baseball shirt!

Throwing the ball into the net (you can see the ball just past the coach)

First time hitting a baseball!

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  1. I love the pic of Raul behind the wheel! It's like he belongs there. :)