Monday, May 18, 2015

Memorial Day Parade

On Sunday we went to a (early) Memorial Day parade. It was a great parade, and the fire station was also having a "touch a truck" with their ambulance and fire truck. Raul got to meet Clifford the Dog at the fire station too. His favorite part of the parade was the Shriner's, as they had these mini fire trucks, monster trucks, and semi-trucks that they were driving. He also liked the real fire trucks and the military vehicles. It was a bit hot, but he still enjoyed it! When we got home he wanted to do arts and crafts, so we made a kite to hang on our apartment door. Today he had to get labs done in the morning, and then in the afternoon before napping he decided he wanted to make an arts and crafts treehouse. He colored the walls, helped put the popsicle sticks on the roof, and directed me on what to add/how to do everything else! 


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