Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transportation Day

Yesterday was originally supposed to be our Legoland day, but we found out the night before that they would be closed, so we had to switch that to Friday. So yesterday ended up being our day to ride all the various Disney transportation! We rode multiple monorails and boats, and today we will add the bus too. For lunch we went to the TREX restaurant. It was a bit overwhelming, but Raul enjoyed it, and it was fun to see. He is a big fan of the dino hat they gave him, and wanted to wear it to breakfast again today. That was in Downtown Disney, so we walked around a few stores. Raul liked the LEGO sculptures outside the LEGO store, and he got to get Chip and Dale stuffed animals since they have been his favorite! For dinner we stayed within the hotel, and Raul did an amazing job sitting quietly through a long dinner. Yesterday and today have been a bit warmer, and today it seems that all the animals are back outside at our hotel. They also put up their Christmas decorations and giant Christmas tree overnight, which was fun to see this morning!



Pointing out the castle from the boat

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  1. I love the photos with Winnie, Eeyore and Piglet! Piglet is my favorite <3