Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mickey's Christmas Party

Thursday night we went to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Christmas Party. It was a sold out night, so crowded, but we had a good time. We went in at 4 to do some rides and meet characters before the party started at 7. Raul was a bit overwhelmed at first since he had not really known what to expect, but he liked a few of the rides and got to meet Pooh/Tigger. We had to get seats for the parade very early since it was crowded, but the parade was worth it! A few characters came over to see Raul during the parade, and Santa even yelled down specifically to Raul! After that we stopped in briefly at one of the character dance parties, then went to see the talking Mickey. Raul was a little surprised by the talking Mickey since that was the first time we had seen him, but he liked him! We stayed long enough to watch the fireworks as we headed to the exit, and watched the end of the show from down by the bus stop. Raul was a bit scared of fireworks after the 4th of July, but he liked these ones! 

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  1. That last photo of the castle is so beautiful! And I love the ones of Raul and Mickey where M is looking directly at the camera, they're so adorable!