Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Animal Kingdom

We had a busy day today at Animal Kingdom! Today was only in the 40s/low 50s, which we were not totally prepared for after yesterday being in the mid-80s! It also sprinkled a little, but thankfully never rained hard. We saw Chip and Dale before we even entered the park, and Raul was SO excited! Every time we saw a new character he made the cutest faces, and just seemed in awe of them. He and the characters gave each other lots of high fives, kisses, nose rubs, and snuggles!

We saw the Lion King show, which Raul did like, and tried to go to the Nemo show, but it terrified him and we had to leave. I thought the presentation was a bit abstract, but as he said, "the shark ate the mama". Luckily that was the only time we struck out, though! We rode the triceratops ride, which had him nervous at first, but then he liked it. We also went on a safari, and of course Raul enjoyed the safari vehicles even more than the animals (other than some sort of deer, which he is convinced was a baby camel; the one animal he really wanted to see!). We rode the train out to Rafiki's Planet Watch, which was great, and not crowded at all so we were able to see Rafiki and Chip/Dale again (as well as go to the petting zoo and see a wild pig having a medical procedure through the window into the animal hospital)!

We had a late lunch at a character buffet, and the characters all came around 2-3 times, which Raul enjoyed! He thought it was most funny when we were leaving and almost ran into Donald going around a corner! Today was Mickey's birthday, and Raul wished him "Happy Birthday" several times. After lunch Raul said he wanted to see Pluto, so we went to see him (and Goofy again), and then joined in the Dinoland dance party before heading back to the hotel! Raul even danced a little with a Disney cast member and the characters!





  1. This is so awesome! I am so happy for you guys! I hope everything is magical!!!

  2. How wonderful! I love the pic of Raul and Rafiki giving each other nose rubs. You guys met a lot of characters! First and only time I went to Disney in 1997 I met Goofy and had my picture taken with him, and I was sort of starstruck over that :D

  3. Have a wonderful time. Love the pictures- they are precious!
    Much love, Julie xxoo