Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Raul's New Bed

A couple weeks ago I saw an offer online for a pediatric hospital bed/crib. The family was located in NY, so I did not think it would work for us to get the bed. Then last week the bed was still available, so I thought to ask on my own facebook if anyone would be traveling from NYC to Boston that weekend. Soon after I got a response that a friend who has helped us a lot in the past with medical supplies was actually going to NYC for the weekend! It ended up working perfectly for them to bring the bed back to Boston with them! So today the friend came by with the bed and he and my dad set it up for us. Raul is now in his new bed playing, and hopefully going to bed soon! 


  1. The bed is great and looks like there's plenty of growing room for Raul. I love the wall decorations, the dots and the Dr Seuss quotes. It is such a happy room!

  2. He is getting so big so fast!! You are doing such an amazing job with Raul :) Love the new bed and looks like he does too!