Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We started our day off at another farm. Raul loved it, and we spent a long time looking at all the animals. There were some adorable baby goats and sheep! Raul thought it was really funny when the sheep would baa loudly in the barn, and when the babies jumped around. He didn't like the fences though; he tried really hard to pull and push them down, but with no luck. In the chicken barn there was a cool display where you could push buttons to hear how people made the noise for a chicken in different countries. One of the countries was actually Romania! Raul found the one for Italy the most entertaining though.

Then we went home and Raul got a new puzzle to play with. Teddy had gotten into Easter candy last night, so had to spend the night at the animal hospital. Raul was confused as to why he wasn't home when we got there, but was very excited when he got home! We did a small Easter egg hunt inside for Raul with cars inside the eggs, and also an Easter basket. Raul played with his little cars happily for hours! After a yummy Easter dinner we headed home, and are both exhausted from the busy day!

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