Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We made it!

We made it to Cincinnati, and are settled in our hotel! We thought mid-morning would be a good time to leave Boston, but the airport was still pretty crazy. We went through the wheelchair line, but security was still SO slow. It took us forever to get through, so we didn't have long to wait at the gate before pre-boarding. Raul did not like waiting at security at all, and screamed almost the whole time. The only time he stopped was when a very large man told him sternly (jokingly) that he needed to stop because life is easy as a baby, it only gets harder. He called Raul "dude' and Raul really liked him! He waved bye to the man when he went through security. 

We finally got through and Raul was happier waiting at the gate with his books. Boarding the plane was hard because I had our carry-ons, and had to get him out of the stroller. They didn't give much time to pre-board, so the first class customers came rushing down behind us. Luckily the flight attendant was nice, and helped fold the stroller. As soon as takeoff began, Raul fell asleep! And he stayed asleep until we were pulling up to the gate in Cincinnati! It was amazing! We got off the plane last, and the flight attendants helped with the bags again. Raul liked riding the transport train to baggage claim! Once we got our bag I called the number for the shuttle. Apparently, unlike I was told, you are supposed to book ahead of time. Luckily a group of flight attendants and pilots was waiting for the shuttle right then, though, so they let us join them! The driver took the scenic route along the river, and it was really pretty. 

Now we are relaxing at the hotel. I did bring our bathing suits, but I think I am too tired for that adventure today!  Raul is in love with our window. We are on the 15th floor, and look out over the river and a hill with pretty trees, but right below is highway. Raul went crazy in the beginning trying to point out all the cars and trucks to me! I ordered some room service, and we have just been playing and resting. Hopefully tonight will be an early night, as we also have an early morning tomorrow! Tomorrow Raul will have an anesthesia consultation at 8, and an appointment with Dr. Lucky, one of the EB Clinic directors, at 11:15.


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  1. I'm glad you arrived safely and I'm glad that Raul traveled well overall.

    These pictures are precious. I love the one of him pointing at the cars!