Saturday, October 27, 2012

Raul's Third Birthday Party

Today was Raul's third birthday party! We headed to Lil' Folk Farm with a group of friends for pony rides, petting animals, cake, and playing in the barn. When we got there we brought everything up to their party room above the barn and set up. Raul had an awesome dog and car cake provided by Icing Smiles! He seemed to want to play with it when he saw it, and pointed out the cars and "arfs". Soon our friends started showing up, and once most of the group was there we headed outside for the pony rides. I had requested one extra small pony for Raul, and the other to be average size. Raul loved his first pony ride, and smiled the whole time! They are currently building a therapeutic riding center, and so there were construction trucks in the arena, which just made Raul even happier!

Then we headed inside to pet some of the smaller animals. There was a donkey, a pig, a sheep, two rabbits, goats, and two baby goats. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun feeding them and following them around in the hay. Some of the kids got to hold one of the bunnies as well, which they liked. The goats were nibbling on everyone, and one of the adult ones bit my ponytail and pulled out a few hairs! Raul started to get a little tired at the end of this part, so my mom took him out to his stroller for a few minutes. Then we went upstairs to the party room.

Once upstairs we sang happy birthday, and handed out cake, hoodsies, and other snacks. It was sad to have to cut up his cool cake, but it was also yummy! Raul wouldn't try any, but we have some leftovers, so he may still. Then the kids got down on the floor and started playing with cars and running around. I put Raul on the floor and he scooted right along with the other (mostly bigger) boys, and even tried to chase them down to get their trucks! He wasn't very successful with that, but the other boys were very nice and shared with him. The kids got filthy in the barn dust, but had so much fun!

After cleanup it was time to head out, as the next birthday party was arriving. We spent a few more minutes outside looking at the goats, but Raul was completely exhausted and got fussy. He fell asleep soon after we got in the car to head home. It was a successful party, and I think Raul had fun! He also got some wonderful presents that he happily opened once home! It was a nice place for a party as they arranged everything, told us when to move to a new area, etc., we just had to invite the guests and bring the food! I was so glad that Raul had a good time, as I was worried he would be fussy. Happy Third Birthday, Raul!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Raul! I'm so happy he had so much fun! xx

  2. Your spirit and personality will PARTY always be young even though your body may be protesting on its prolonged use. Happy Birthday!