Sunday, June 24, 2012

New England Wild West Fest

Today we went to an event with the Starlight Foundation held at the New England Wild West Fest rodeo. We started off in a tent for the Starlight families that had lunch, crafts, face painting, pony rides, and a hay ride over to the arena. Raul LOVED the hay ride, because we were in the front so he could watch the tractor the whole time! After that we put on his new cooling vest (thanks to some of your donations and shirt sales!) because it was getting hot. We went back to the Starlight tent while we waited for the rodeo to start. While there we spent some time talking to Mrs. Massachusetts and her daughter who were both interested in Raul and his story. They were very nice! Then we went back and watched about an hour of the rodeo before we got too tired and hot. We saw the bucking broncos, some steer wrestling, and some roping.

Then we went to the ring where the pony rides for the other guests were happening. Raul enjoyed petting a small pony named Gracie, so we decided to give riding a try. He had been too scared at the Starlight tent, but that horse was bigger, and he had just woken up from a nap. But he LOVED riding Gracie! He got so happy as soon as he was on, and he even had good riding form! He was sad to say goodbye to the pony, so we are going to try to find him some other fairs and events with pony rides to go to!

It is TOO hot!

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  1. Raul and Gracie are a match made in heaven!