Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More of Raul's New Wheels



  1. ...and off he goes!sweet video!

  2. Love this video... How cute!!

  3. the video is cute! soon, Raul will be running with his wheels! :)

  4. Hi Caroline and Raul,
    So glad to see that you received the pacer and that Raul is enjoying it! My daughter used a pacer at his age....then graduated to a kaye walker and now at age six can take about 40 independent steps!!!!! Watching Raul's video, I so remember when she was just starting out...we used to blow up balloons and put them on the floor to encourage her to walk and kick at them!!!!! It was such hard work for her little body.....but so worth it!!! She loves "running" with her Kaye walker and even ran in a race last 4th of July....every little step, little milestone little dally blessing is a reminder of the amazing children we are blessed to love!!! I can see that you treasure each milestone of Raul's and thank you for so wonderfully sharing Raul and his stories with me!!! You both are in my prayers. If we can help in anyway...just let me know!
    Wendy Simyab, Kindred Kids, Inc