Friday, May 11, 2012

305 Days

Well last week was full of excitement with the new gait trainer and power chair, while this week has been a bit quieter for Raul. Today marks 305 days that Raul has been in the U.S. with us! Part of me feels like he has been here forever, and part remembers flying back with him like it was just yesterday! We are currently working on renewing his humanitarian parole so that he will be able to stay here longer receiving proper medical care.

We tried taking Raul to the circus this week, but it was way too loud for him and he did not enjoy it, so we had to leave at intermission. Don't think we will be going to any shows with him anytime soon! I wasn't able to get any good pictures of him there, as he was too upset. The other pictures below were taken by my dad when he babysat Raul for a few hours while I was in a class. They walked around the mall, and my dad bought him an angry birds t-shirt, then they came and waited in the lobby of the building where I was. Raul was tired by the time I saw him, but it sounded like he had fun on his adventure!


  1. Happy mothers day Caroline! You're a wonderful mommy to Raul!

  2. just want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Raul is blessed to have you. (and he's adorable in his angry birds shirt.)

  3. Best of luck with the visa...I hope can stay there for ever...and not coming back here in Romania,there's no place for Raul here,he needs to stay there with you Caroline!
    Angry birds game is so popular everywhere!Cute Raul big kiss from us :Lavi&Ivy