Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apartment Day!

Today was our official move-in day at our apartment! We spent half the day there playing, doing speech therapy, and waiting for furniture deliveries. Raul especially liked sitting by the "Juliet" windows. He did really well today with speech therapy, and was especially happy that his speech therapist had brought bubbles! He fell asleep soon after, and didn't even wake up through all the deliveries! We ate some Thai takeout, then moved the boxes to the rooms they will be going in, and later this week someone is coming to help put it all together.

Somebody didn't get his way (he wanted to tip over the TV haha)

Sleeping soundly in a nest of toys and blankets

We had to wake him up to leave, so he was sleepy in the car


  1. he is just so cute I cant stand it! haha!

  2. Precious, precious!!...Congratulations on y'alls new apartment.

  3. We wish you many moments of happiness in the new apartment!
    Raul is so cute with his lovey,they are inseparable :)
    Big hug 4 Raul
    Lavi & Ivy

  4. what is it with boys and knocking things over? lol the apartment looks great and i know you two will enjoy it!

  5. Does he have on Wellesley sweats? Oh my, aim high Raul!