Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Moved In!

Yesterday was our big move in day! My dad and sister loaded and unloaded the UHAUL, while my mom and I moved furniture in the apartment to the right places and organized. Lots of work, but it is looking pretty put together already! We were all exhausted last night! Today we did some grocery shopping, picked up some items we had forgotten, and cleaned up from yesterday (we still had all the giant furniture boxes). We also went to the playground late morning, as it was so nice out. Raul was a little shy, but enjoyed talking to a couple kids, watching everyone play, and eventually scooting up the play structure (it had ramps)!

Raul thought it was really funny last night to shut himself in the den/study and make faces through the glass door!

When my dad was setting up the stand to the TV, Raul went over and wanted to help use the screwdriver

Raul's new toy shelf!

Concentrating hard while scooting on the play structure

We drove a car back and forth on it for a while, too

Laughing at kids being funny while playing

Standing up like a big boy!

He blew a lot of kisses at the other kids

Going down the slide

On top of the play structure

Playing in a tunnel

More kisses

Going down the slide in the "baby" playground

Rocking on a rocker toy

He likes his stroller

Raul is so smart. When we were getting ready to go outside, he started playing with the flashlight we had just bought. He was purposely shining it right in his eyes for a while, then reached over and grabbed his sun glasses, put them on, and kept playing his game!!


  1. Raul is so adorable with his sunglasses on! I love the picture of you two Caroline!All the best from us!
    Lavi & Ivy

  2. soo cute! best of luck in your new home!

  3. Raul is both cute & smart!! I, too, love the pic of the two of you at the top of the play structure. :)