Friday, December 9, 2011

Four Days

Only four more days until we go home to Boston! MGH will be donating care for Raul now. While I know Raul will miss being at the RMH with all the kids, we are very excited to get home, and to be home for Christmas! I have started packing up our room here, and we have a ton of boxes we will have to ship. We have acquired a lot here; mostly medical supplies and toys!

We got to pick out Christmas presents for Raul here at the house, and he was very excited about it! Each family was allowed to pick out five presents and a stocking stuffer for their children, it was great. They even wrapped the presents, so Raul will have to wait until Christmas to play with them! Last night we did some Christmas crafts after dinner, and we made a really cute hand cut out ornament with Raul's little hands. He cooperated surprisingly well, and even finger painted the snow onto it!

Since my last update, when Raul was discharged, things have been pretty much the same medically. He had a period without fevers, but then started getting higher fevers again, and now is back on antibiotics for some bad skin infections. We did blood work last week, and surprisingly he still does not need another blood transfusion, but we are starting him on an iron supplement.

In even more exciting news, he now weighs 21 pounds, and has grown to 2'8"!! He is getting huge! Okay, well maybe not huge, but compared to when he got here he has gotten so much bigger. The last couple days he has been retching again, and spitting up some, but I think it is just because he feels sick again. I have been feeding him through his g-port (instead of J) for over a week now, and he is doing great with that, and seems happy to have some food in his belly!

Santa is coming for the second time tonight, so hopefully we can get more pictures!

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  1. Great news! What a blessing that you and Raul can be home in time for Christmas!