Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! We woke up early this morning to start celebrating (okay, we had to wake Raul up). We started by having my dad open his Keurig, as we were all tired and needed some caffeine! Then, as usual, we opened out stockings first. I helped Raul open his, but really he only wanted two of the things. First, his new "lovey", so that he has a backup, except now he just has two at one time! As soon as I opened it he put one up to either side of his face, and was just so happy! The other stocking present he loved was a little green car with a guy in it, he played with that for hours!

After stockings we had a yummy breakfast, and Raul continued to play with his car at the table. Then it was on to presents! We all got some great gifts this year. Raul's favorite present was a set of new matchbox cars that he now keeps in a plastic bag from another gift. He played with them all afternoon, and liked putting them in the bag then dumping them out. He was a little overwhelmed by the festivities I think, so after opening presents he took a quick nap while my dad and sister walked our dog. Unfortunately, it was not quite long enough for me to get a nap too!

Raul, my dad, and I watched a movie while my mom and sister cooked for Christmas dinner. Teddy was busy running all over the place between Raul, the presents, and the food! Raul and I were both exhausted by late afternoon (we aren't used to waking up early!), so I put him back to bed before we ate dinner. He watched TV and talked to himself for a while, then fell asleep. We played games while waiting for dinner to cook, and then a few more rounds after dinner. Dinner was yummy, and now we are getting ready to head to bed early. Unfortunately, I had to wake Raul up to change his diaper and hook him back up to his feeding pump, so he is awake again, but hopefully will go back to sleep soon!


  1. What great smiles for Christmas! I love the picture of your dog lying by Raul - too cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. Raul obviously loved Christmas Day, as evident by all the smiles! Merry Christmas to you, Raul & your family!

  3. happiness on Raul's face!Great to see him that happy!Love the Christmas onesie ,he's cute !
    We wish you a Happy and healthy new Year !!!
    Lavi &Ivy

  4. great pictures of Raul on Christmas day Caroline!! :) aunt nina :)