Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Raul has had a busy weekend of shopping and getting ready for Christmas. First, at the end of last week he had his first haircut by a hairdresser! He screamed the whole time, but it's done, and his hair looks less crazy now. But with the way his hair grows, it will probably be back soon. He is loving all his outings (other than the hairdresser). We have gone to the mall, to stores, and even out to dinner. He does really well in stores, and likes getting to hold toys while we shop, even if we put them back at the end (though he really liked when we bought him the little cars he was holding the other day). Tonight we also took him, in his new snowsuit, to look at some Christmas lights. He liked some of them, but agreed with me that one of the santas was quite creepy!

Our only failed outing was the first time we tried to go out for dinner. His GJ tube pulled out on his carseat when I was getting him out of the car, and I didn't notice until I felt the wetness on his shirt when we got to the table. So we turned right around and went home, where I put in a new G button. Since it was a Friday night, there was no point in going to the ER, as he was tolerating the G feeds okay, and Interventional Radiology wouldn't be back until Monday anyway. The best news though, is that it seems that he may be able to get away with just the G for now, and not need the GJ, as he has been tolerating his G feeds! We have a Mini One button in, which is great, and much lower profile than the GJ Mic-Key too!


  1. Love your pictures! My favorite is the first one - love Raul's little grin ;)

  2. Sweet Raul,he looks so well and happy..and I love your look ,Caroline in the first pic. I think you are so proud of him! Have a Merry Christmas ,lots of love from Romania to Raul ..Lavi&Ivy