Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Weeks

Raul and I have now been in the hospital for two weeks, and we have about another ten days at least. Luckily, since starting his new antibiotic, he has had two negative blood cultures, so they are no longer going to check daily. The medical team will talk to surgery at the beginning of the week to determine when they can fit him into their schedule again for his g-tube. He has been pretty fussy, but I think part of it is just that he is getting bored of being isolated. Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the doorway so that Raul could watch people walk by. I am hoping that once his infections are cleared he will be allowed out, but my guess is he will still be under precautions until we leave. He has not had a fever in a while, which is very reassuring, and all his labs look good. Today is another bath day, but Raul is almost seeming to enjoy his baths these days, which is very unusual. He gets pre-medicacted, then we put salt in the water which helps with the pain, and bleach twice a week to help with infection.

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  1. Will you post more pictures soon?? I miss seeing Rauls' sweet little face! Is he gaining weight?
    Love you both,