Thursday, August 25, 2011


Raul had his surgery today, and he did well! We thought the surgery was going to be at 3, but then at 11-something they called up to tell us it was at 12:45! So we had to skip his bath and bandages today, as we didn't end up with enough time for it. We were out of our room for surgery for about four hours, but the actual surgery only took a little over an hour. There was lots of waiting on both sides of the surgery, but at least it's over! They called me back about 20 minutes after he came out of surgery, and he was just waking up. He opened his eyes and reached up, and the nurse thought he was reaching for me, but he was grabbing for my cell phone haha. He was feisty as always, and was ripping off his pule-ox probe, and throwing the blow-by oxygen mask. They said the only thing that wasn't totally normal was that when they removed his breathing tube they had to suction out some thick secretions. The anesthesiologist said that isn't too concerning given that he has not been very active. Maybe now that they suctioned it he will stop coughing/gagging so much!

When we got upstairs his oxygen was okay, so he got to get rid of those things. He has been pretty uncomfortable and unhappy, but we gave him some morphine about an hour ago. He has been rocking himself pretty much the whole time we've been back. Right now his nutrition is still through his PICC line, as they cannot use his g-tube right away, it is just draining overnight. Tomorrow I think they will start first with pedialyte, then with regular feeds, and will go up gradually while tapering his TPN.


  1. Good news, Caroline! Thank you for the updates. Love, Uncle John