Friday, August 19, 2011


Raul's surgery was postponed until further notice. His blood cultures from yesterday again had bacteria, and they decided it was not a good idea to do the surgery while there was bacteria in his blood that could spread. He is still receiving vancomycin, and may start another IV antibiotic tomorrow if this one is not helping (based on another set of cultures from today). They will continue to do cultures daily until he has three consecutive negative cultures, at which point he can have the surgery. His antibiotics will go for at least ten days, so we will continue to be inpatient at least that long, and possibly longer. It's nice to at least have a time frame now. Raul has been very fussy this afternoon, but seems to be doing a bit better with some tylenol. We did his bath today, and he actually seemed to like it! The meds., and the lift into the bath, really seem to help! His skin is looking pretty good, for him, but is a bit smelly, which could be from infection. I will update as we have more news!

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