Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day +185

Sorry, but I have to share this amazing progress despite the slightly gross photos! Last week Raul's throat was referred to as having "gruesome" pseudomonas in nickel sized ulcers around the piriform sinuses as well as a pedunculated mass. We were told it couldn't get much worse, and likely wouldn't ever heal. Well today ENT went back in and the ulcers were essentially GONE (he had fully removed the mass before)! There was nothing there for him to even consider cauterizing! 

We will finish out a course of his tobramycin for the pseudomonas. These ulcers were likely caused by infection causing the sites to erode over time, and despite them not being found earlier, amazingly they still healed. It doesn't mean he is out of the woods for bleeding/choking, but these were the sites we were most concerned about.

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