Friday, April 1, 2016

Day +175

(written on 3/29)
This afternoon Raul was again unable to manage a nosebleed, and ended up intubated during a code. Thankfully this time no CPR was necessary, and he actually did start taking breaths on his own pretty quickly once they started bagging him (before intubation).

He had a couple small nosebleeds in the past week, and he was actually still getting a medicine to help his clotting, but this one must have been worse. It was strange, as no blood came out the front of his nose even when we sat him up, it all went down the back. We only knew it was happening as we started to see some blood draining from his g-tube. Thankfully both his nurse and the hospitalist were in the room with us at the time the code needed to be called! 

We will get his final HLH marker for the week back tomorrow, but at this point I think everyone would be shocked if it had not gone up. We did increase his steroid dose today to hopefully help with some of his symptoms (he has been having fairly constant fevers, and we have been having trouble with his BP during dialysis). Our goal is to get him home, as it has always been, so that is the next step!


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