Sunday, October 12, 2014

Travel/Cincinnati Zoo

Friday Raul had school, and then in the afternoon he had his iron infusion. I saw his lab results later that night, and it was good that we did his iron then, as his levels were getting quite low! Saturday morning we headed to the airport to fly to Cincinnati. Raul loved sitting in the airport watching all the vehicles and planes. He also enjoyed the flight, and we had a plane that had internet, which was great. He was really funny when we landed, and had everyone around us cracking up. He kept excitedly announcing that we were in Cincinnati and that he loved Cincinnati. They gave him one of their wing pins, so he also kept announcing that he was the pilot. He loves our hotel room, as we are on the 9th floor overlooking a major highway, and he just wants to sit there watching all the vehicles! Last night we had dinner at one of the hotel restaurants, and Raul was upset to have to leave his highway view, so the lady in the restaurant gave him a stuffed elephant, which perked him right up!

Today we went to the Cincinnati Zoo, which was an awesome zoo. We saw almost every animal, and Raul was in a really good mood. It was one of their Halloween events today too, so he got to do some trick or treating through the zoo. We spent a lot of time with the giraffes, and his other favorites seemed to be the tigers, elephants, the insect house, the rhino, and the camels. The insect house also had naked mole rats running through tunnels, which he thought was quite funny. Before we left we went back to the giraffes for feeding time, and Raul got to feed them two crackers! He was very smiley about that, and did great holding it until the giraffe took it with its tongue. He has been obsessed with giraffes lately, so loved being able to be so close to them!


  1. Airplane wing. A hotel room that overlooks the highway. A great zoo visit and feeding the giraffes. God is good! All the Time!

  2. Really enjoy hearing about all you are doing. I love to hear and see all the fun you are having and how Rauls personality, likes, and dislikes, all the cute things he has fun doing and saying. Thank you so much for sharing in your wonderful adventure. xxoo,