Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cincinnati 10/14-10/15

Monday we had our consultations for plastic surgery and dental. He is scheduled for a type of temporary grafting and a dental cleaning on Friday morning. On Tuesday he was admitted in the morning in preparation for his whirlpool treatment in the afternoon. This is basically a bath done under anesthesia so they can get off any crust around wounds and get the wounds nice and clean. We did this to hopefully help with the grafts taking on Friday. He ended up having to stay overnight Tuesday night, as they wanted to give him a blood transfusion. He was pretty anemic last Friday when he got his iron infusion at home, so they thought anesthesia would be hesitant to put him under Friday for his procedures without a blood transfusion first. He was discharged Wednesday mid-morning, and then we went to the Science and Children's Museum! Raul had a good time looking at the dinosaur bones and playing in the children's area. Then we headed back to the hotel to play, and finally got a good night of sleep! We found out last night that Raul won't be able to have the type of grafts using his own skin as his albumin level is too low, and the areas would not heal. So that was disappointing, but we are still going to move forward with one of the other types of grafts, and hopefully be able to improve his labs and do surgical grafts in the future!



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