Saturday, July 12, 2014

Franklin Park Zoo

Today we took the kids to the Franklin Park Zoo. It was quite hot, but we had brought the cold packs from Raul's cooling vest and put one behind him in the stroller. His favorite animals today were the prairie dogs! He said they were like excavators, because they were digging tunnels. We went to the petting zoo area, and they brought a goat out on a leash for Raul to pet since he could not go in with his stroller. They have an awesome playground, but it was way too hot for him to sit on the play equipment, so we had to tell him that we can do that next time! He also, of course, liked looking at the zoo vehicles around the zoo! 

Petting the goat

Prairie dogs


Hatching butterflies

At home playing with his Paw Patrol cars and looking at the map of the zoo


  1. Glad to see u havein fun raul

  2. What a smart kiddo to know that the prairie dogs were like excavators! Glad he had a good time :)