Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July Week

Raul has had a busy few weeks lately. He spent one night in the hospital two weeks ago due to possible infection and severe pain in his right leg. After that admission he actually started having more fevers, so we did a course of oral antibiotics, though his skin never appeared infected. We then went to Rockport mid-week for 4th of July. Due to the pain he was having, he got a last minute MRI on Thursday, so we drove back to Boston for that. Friday night he started having symptoms due to his esophogeal stricture, so we were dealing with a lot of mucus and saliva that he could not swallow. However, he still had a good time playing with his sandbox, the hose, his cars, and going to the 4th of July fire truck parade! He has been waiting for months for this parade, and we worked hard to keep him out of the hospital so he could go! He loved it! He did spend a lot of time resting as well, since he wasn't feeling great, but overall he had a good week! This coming week he will have more procedures, including his esophogeal dilation.

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  1. I love Raul's patriotic shirt! It's all sorts of awesome. Sorry he ended up in the hospital, but it's great that he was able to enjoy the parade! :)