Saturday, April 5, 2014

Raul's Eyes

This week Raul had a scratched eye, and had to miss three days of school. Originally he woke up and just didn't seem to be able to open either eye, but eventually once I got him to start fluttering them open I could tell it was actually his right eye that was scratched. He has had these before, but this time seemed the most painful. He would try to play, but then screech on and off and grab at his eye. He also tried to rub it a lot. The mornings were the worst, and they got a little better through the day. He wore sunglasses a lot, which seemed to help, and we kept the house dark. After the first day it swelled, which is what I am used to with these scratches (common with his type of EB). Finally today they were almost totally better, and we were able to venture out. We went to the farm first to see the baby animals, then quickly to the playground before it got too cold!



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