Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring in Rockport

This is our first weekend up in Rockport this Spring. Raul didn't sleep more than a couple hours last night. It seemed to be a combination of going to bed a bit late and being in a new place. He was still happy this morning, though, and the weather was nice. We decided to walk to the farm at the end of our street to buy vegetables for dinner and ask about their animals. They were very nice, and told us where to find the horses and cows, and that we were welcome to walk around when they were open. They had a ton of animals! We saw some of their horses first, and they told us about the alpha horse and another large horse. They also had a blind horse that was very sweet. Then we wandered further back and found the cows in their pen. They are meat cows, and are in a pen during the winter, but are going out to pasture soon for the summer. One of the farmers came back in a tractor and we talked to him for a few minutes. All the animals always like Raul! Then we came home and played outside for a while before taking a nice long nap!


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