Saturday, May 25, 2013

ER Visit

The other day we took Raul to the pediatrician as he had been running a higher fever, his skin was bad, and he had vomited the day before irritating his upper airway and esophagus. After waiting a while, they sent us down to the ER, as they weren't sure exactly what to do. We had to wait a while, and poor Raul was so itchy as he needed his midday medicine. We finally got a room, but pediatrics was full so we got put in a staging room. That meant no TV or anything, and child life doesn't come in until later in the evening so they were only able to bring a few little things for him. He got a chest x-ray, which was normal, and then we continued to wait. They came in and said they were thinking of admitting him, but decided after seeing him that we could go home as long as I was comfortable with that. They put him back on two antibiotics, and then it took over two more hours to be discharged! Raul's esophageal issues are just getting worse though. He isn't swallowing any of his saliva, and frequently chokes on the saliva and mucous. We may be heading for another dilatation, but I am still hoping it may just be damaged from the vomiting and heal!


Raul loves bubbles!


  1. Esophagus issues are up there in worst for EB.
    Lots of scary moments and anxious nights.
    We feel for you all. Hope he heals quick.

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