Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Weekend

We spent most of the long weekend in Rockport with my parents. Raul loves it when we are all together, and it was fun to just hang out and relax. On Sunday we took a short trip to the Peabody Essex Museum to see a special exhibition of hats (both contemporary and historic). Raul wasn't a huge fan of the museum, but he really liked the children's room that had interactive activities! Other than that we spent a lot of time playing with trucks and watching Raul's favorite shows. He spent a little while in his gait trainer today, and did well. Raul had fun playing with Teddy and following him around as well! He likes going to Rockport because he can get all over the whole house, there aren't stairs, so he scoots all over!

Kissing his trucks after bandage time last night


Being silly Thursday after he hurt his nose. He somehow fell on his face just from sitting, but he recovered quickly and his nose is healing well!

Lining up trucks in Rockport

Still sleepy after nap time!


  1. He's so cute; I swear he just gets cuter with every post! Sorry to hear about his nose, I was going to ask you about that after reading the previous post. Glad to know it's healing well! Hugs to you both :)

  2. Raul you need a haitcut ,again! My gosh your hair grows quick:)) ! The last picture is the best ,nice pants Caroline :) !
    Big kiss and hug handsom little guy from Ivy and her mami!

  3. Those noses get in the way sometimes, don't they!