Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Catch Up

We have had a long week. Raul and our foster child both have bad colds, and both had to see their doctors. At the beginning of the week Raul was still adjusting to his new itch medicine, so was very tired too. Raul has been a bit naughty since his foster sister arrived (taking her toys, smearing aquaphor on the tv table, etc.), but is starting to get used to not being the only child. I think preschool will be good for him to help him get used to other kids too! M seems to really like him though, despite his toy stealing; she cries if we take him out separately.

Sleepy boy

Smiling in his sea of toys

Raul got his "I refuse" EB awareness shirt in the mail today!


  1. Raul is acting like any sibling!! I think he loves you, Caroline, and doesn't want to share you. <3

  2. I agree with LeeAnn. He's still as cute as ever, too. :)