Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventures with Raul and Miss M

Well last night I gave M her first bath in our house. It was hard to wash her hair (and then to style it) since she is heavy and can't hold her head up. It was a little too hot at first, but then she seemed not to mind the bath. She liked getting her lotion, especially on her face and neck! I had plans for other hair styles, but ended up just doing two poofs as it was so hard to sit her up. This will be good though because she won't have anything behind her head to hurt when she is lying down. I am guessing she will pull them out quickly though, as she likes to do that (that's what happened to her braids earlier).

M and Raul both slept pretty well again last night! Raul was up once, and up early, but M slept through the night almost until 10:30 in the morning! Then we got ready and went downstairs to the showing of The Lorax. I thought it started at 11, but apparently it started at 10, so we only made it for the last part. The kids seemed interested though, so I will have to rent it another day! Then my dad came and we all went to the grocery store. Raul LOVES the store, and M seemed to like it to, especially if I wiggled the stroller. It was a successful trip, and easy for having two kids with us!

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  1. sounds like you are doing a great job with both sweet loves! :)