Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Gloves

Raul has been doing really well, lately. Being on the antibiotics has helped clear his skin a lot, so he is looking good! He has been showing off for all his therapists, and doing so well with his OT, PT, and Speech. He impresses them every week with his new skills! Raul's weight has also still been improving, and he is now over 25 pounds!! He is in the 68th percentile in weight for his height, whereas when he came he wasn't even on a chart! One problem that we are now working on is the edema in Raul's hands. It has been a chronic problem, but today at Shriner's they decided to address it. He has some temporary compression gloves right now, and then in three weeks they will make him some customized ones. They did the interim ones, because otherwise the custom ones would have been too big in a week or so when the swelling went down. So now we are trying to get the swelling down, and then the custom gloves will maintain it.

Swollen hand

Raul with his new gloves

The extra pair of gloves they gave us


  1. Still the cutest boy around! And doing so well with his gloves, still picking up tiny objects(like his lawyer"s business card!).
    If any of you have the chance to meet Raul, please do. He is an amazing ad inspiring little boy. And, yes, I am biased , because I am Caroline's mom.

  2. He is adorable. I think about you and Raul everyday. I am so inspired by all the progress he is making. Continuing to pray for you daily!

  3. Caroline, seeing Raul's tiny, swollen hand makes my heart break! I do hope these new gloves do the trick to bring the swelling down. Poor kiddo.

    But he's still smiling, and it's that smile that brings me joy to see! God bless you, Caroline, for what you are doing in Raul's life, and I do wish I could meet you both someday - perhaps it will come true. You never know! In the meantime, give Raul a kiss for me and tell him that somebody from New Jersey is thinking about and praying for him! <3

  4. I'm hoping the gloves work well for Raul, as it has to be uncomfortable to be so swollen. He is such a trooper. I love each post, as it brightens my day!