Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back To The Farm


  1. Awww! Love the pictures. Those little lambs are adorable, and Raul looks so good in his sunglasses! It looks like he really enjoyed himself. :)

  2. My dear Caroline,
    I don't remember who pointed me to your blog but it was just around the time Raul came to the US and I have been rooting for you guys ever since.
    Forgive me for asking but, I have been curious...

    You said you brought Raul to the US for a short time to receive care... Will he get to stay in the US forever? Maybe be adopted in the US? Does he have to go back at some point? And what will happen to him if he does? EB is a life long thing, even if he is better now, what will happen when he goes back to Romania? :(
    It breaks my heart to think about it :(
    I so love reading about him and seeing your pics :) Know you are in my prayers daily :)

    Sending many hugs!!!

  3. Raul is one cool dude in his shades! That smile of his just melts my heart. I do believe he loves animals. :)