Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Photos

Raul being checking his stocks on the iPhone (seriously!). He knows how to swipe the screen with his thumb, but the stocks are his favorite! We are hoping to get him an iPad in the future to help with communication!

Raul and his baby doll. He loves when it makes its baby noises.

Kristen and her parents came to visit Raul
Raul likes to lounge, no matter where he is!
Smiling during dinner
With a toy from our friend Kristen who I volunteered in Romania with

Rolling around/under the table in our family room

He has decided that he likes bottles again, but only for juice or water

We spent a couple nights at a hotel in Boston, and Raul loved going out on walks in the city

Raul has been playing a lot on his belly recently

Not sure about Christmas church

Another update about Raul's recent quick hospital stay will be coming soon!


  1. What a Sweetheart! love the pics.

  2. That gets me every time! Can't get over how big he is getting, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Raul is just a charmer with that smile! He seems to love the toy your friend brought him. Is it a cat?