Friday, November 4, 2011

Overdue Update

So these pictures are actually from about a week ago, but Raul is wearing the same jammies again tonight, so it seems like a good time to post them! It has been a long time since I wrote an update! Unfortunately, right after I wrote the last one Raul started spiking fevers again. He has pretty much been spiking fevers since the day after the antibiotics stopped, though the last couple days they have been better! He also continues to have a lot of GI troubles. With immodium he is still having diarrhea multiple times a day, that seems painful to him. He is also still doing a lot of retching and vomiting. He is going to have an upper GI series, but if that is normal, they have said that this may just be his normal for a while. Especially with the diarrhea after how many antibiotics he's been on in the past few months!

We went to EB Clinic this week, and all the people who hadn't seen him since our first appointment in August were surprised to see how different he is now! He really has improved a lot both developmentally, nutritionally, and with his overall health. However, we are doing one more formula change now to see if it will help his tummy. We are starting to work more towards getting home to MA as well! We have found a major piece of the free care that he needs, and are now just finding the last couple pieces needed for us to go home! We are not sure when that will be yet, but hopefully in December or early January!


  1. Glad to see my little buddy in full sponge bob attire! Can't wait to see you both tomorrow, and bingo on Sunday, yay!



  2. Those SpongeBob jammies are adorable! Love 'em! Have a wonderful weekend you two :)

  3. Raul is just the cutest ever! I love his SpongeBob pajamas, he looks so handsome in them!

  4. Sweet Raule,such a adorable boy!You're doing such a great job Caroline,you are his guardian angel !
    All the love from Romania ,
    Lavinia & Ivy