Wednesday, November 16, 2011


After four days in the hospital, Raul is free! It was a frustrating stay, to say the least, but Raul is starting to improve. He was VERY happy to be home at the RMH and see all his friends! When we went to the hospital his temp. was 104.5, and he was hard to keep awake/alert. They started him back on oral antibiotics, and then just watched him. The second night they drew blood cultures in the middle of the night as he was still spiking high fevers even on the antibiotics. He was super irritable the whole stay, and in the beginning he needed oxygen as his sats were in the low 80's. The blood cultures were negative at 24 hours, and his skin was actually looking good, so it was more likely that it was some sort of virus that made him so sick (though nothing else was looked into). He is definitely much happier now that we are back at our RMH home. Two nights ago he scratched his eye, and it has kept getting more red and swollen (scratched inside and out). He has eye antibiotics, but it is next to impossible to get the ointment in his eye!

Tonight Raul was in a great mood at dinner, and loved seeing everyone. He was being smiley and talkative, two things I hadn't seen in days! There was a veteran submarine crew at dinner giving kids hats and naming them honorary submariners. I went up with Raul, and they gave him a cute hat. He looks much more like a pirate though, especially with his eye! Conveniently I had put on his jacket with the shark, so he was looking like a super cute submariner! After dinner we went down and played in the playroom with the kids, and now Raul is falling asleep after our busy day!


  1. So glad to see your blog; we were worried about you two. Hope Raul continues to improve.Love Grandma

  2. oh he is soo cute. what a strong boy.