Sunday, May 22, 2011

Real Life (wounds)

*edited for publicizing the blog (some pictures have been removed)

While I like to post all the smiling pictures of Raul, those smiles are often few and far between, and I feel like I should share more about what his life is really like. Some of these pictures are graphic of his wounds, but again, this is life for Raul and those of us that take care of him!

right leg

patiently having his arm wrapped (usually he screams an awful scream the whole time)

bath time in a normal bath/way = more screaming from baby

his toes have recently fused (he hasn't had nails since he was a few months old)

he should not be picked up by under his arms, but sometimes they do it anyway

sweaty chubby baby neck=bad wounds

back one year ago

trying to sleep through the pain with blisters on his eyes (they can occur on any membrane, including his eyes and all through his GI tract!)

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