Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Angel in Scrubs

She may not have medical expertise, or even a college diploma, but Coca is an expert on Raul! She has a mother's intuition, and truly cares about Raul and what he wants and needs. She loves him deeply, and I can tell it hurts her heart, as it hurts mine, when we have to change his bandages and cause him pain. The first time she saw him at the new hospital (she is from Tutova) she cried seeing how badly they had been taking care of him and how much pain he was in. She has come faithfully every other day since the hospital transfer to bathe and dress his wounds, and spend time playing with him. Coca is the only reason I don't feel totally awful about leaving Raul behind in Romania as we figure out the humanitarian parole, as I know she is caring for him the best that she can. She is his guardian angel...

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