Saturday, February 19, 2011


Raul now weighs 14.5 pounds, so he has gained approximately 1.5 pounds in five months. His skin appears to be in about the same condition it was last Spring, but worse in a couple areas. His most affected areas are his feet (toes have fused), back, chest (very deep wounds), and genitals. His arms and legs are also bad in spots, though his hands are looking a bit better! He can now fully hold up his own head, and goes into the crawling position. A fellow teammate recently brought over a double sized playpen/pack n play thing for Raul to play in since his normal crib is very small. It seems to be great for him, and he is rolling around more. Hopefully he will learn to either crawl or walk soon if we can get his leg skin a bit better. He has also grown some little teeth :)

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