Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Raul Binkeez

Today a new blanket was dedicated to Raul; each of the patterns that Binkeez uses is dedicated to someone. We had been hoping a new car/truck fabric would come available, and recently it did! At the beginning of the book launch event two new blankets were dedicated, and Raul's was one of them. Susan gave a very kind speech, and then had me come up to be presented with the blanket by the Binkeez volunteers. It is their tradition when giving a parent a blanket to wrap it around their shoulders. My dad was able to get a video of part of the speech, as well as some photos:

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  1. I have not Raul in almost a year, for many reasons, but feel so sad to read that he had passed. God bless you all. You made his short time on earth more loved and happier than many people who live so much longer. Raul is smiling down from Heaven on all you, free from pain and suffering. You will see him again one day. L.A,