Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One Week

Today marks one week since Raul passed away. Last Monday at around 7:20pm Raul passed away, and today at that time there was a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Earlier today we visited the cemetery and the MA funeral home. Raul's grave will be the second from the woods, as the back one was pre-purchased by someone for future use (so for now there won't be anyone behind him). Across the cemetery you can see the police memorial garden, which I'm sure Raul would like! 

Not much news from the funeral home other than that the MN funeral home put an incorrect date of death, which will have to be sorted out! We also will not be able to see him again, unfortunately, so we are very glad we pushed to see him in MN and spent some time with him then! The lady also confirmed that Raul arrived from MN late last Friday night, and was brought to Rockport Saturday morning. When we got in the car to leave, one of the songs from his memorial video was playing on the radio.

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