Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day +92

Well Raul's bilirubin is back up a bit, so it seems like it may just bounce around for a while before truly going down. Raul got blood the past four days (though one infusion was stopped soon after starting due to a fever), and thankfully his hemoglobin is finally up to a normal level today! He is now getting EPO three times a week during dialysis, so hopefully that will help keep it up. And his Platelet count only dropped from 26 yesterday to 25 today, which might be a post-transplant record for him! Still a couple fevers a day, but not constant like it used to be. He will also be off TPN as of tonight, which is very exciting!

The past couple days he has been in a pretty good mood and been more talkative. He has been sitting up in bed more often, and worked really hard in PT yesterday. He is back to school after winter break, and not thrilled about that, but he liked that his teacher came back up today to visit Pablo from Backyardigans with us! They had a story time with Pablo in the library, and Raul tired out before the stories, but did get to visit with Pablo (unhooked from his pole even!)!

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